professional Product application service

CoviDefense provides professional application services for Goldshield products. We service a wide range of customers from governmental, to industrial, to small business and residential clients.


Benefit of Using a Certified Product Application Specialist.

Our technicians apply Goldshield® products with electrostatic sprayers. This technology enables us to save our customers’ time and money by using less Goldshield® product, providing more complete and consistent coverage of surfaces, and faster application times resulting in less disruption to clients’ businesses.

70% Faster Application Times

What is ELECTROSTATIC spraying?

When Goldshield® products are charged electrostatically, a positive charge is added to each droplet as it propels through the sprayer. Like magnets, these droplets are attracted to conductive surfaces (that typically carry a negative charge) and spread out uniformly along that surface allowing them to evenly and effectively “wrap” surfaces.

This remarkable phenomenon, known as “electrostatic wraparound”, occurs as spray droplets literally reverse direction and move upwards, and against gravity, when passing a target surface. The electrostatic attraction of the particles pulls the spray towards the target at a force 75 times that of gravity.

What are the benefits of using and electrostatic sprayer?

We get the coverage question a lot! Coverage using your typical hand sprayer (traditional home cleaning bottles) you’ll be getting about 300sq feet per gallon.

Through an electrostatic sprayer, applied professionally the coverage is 30,000 sq feet on 40-micron release per gallon.

Some of the Areas that Goldshield Products Work

Cleaning Gyms and Sports Facilities with CoviDefense

Gym & Sports Facilities

Gyms, fitness areas and recreational sports facilities are common areas for bacteria to thrive. Goldshield should be used on equipment surfaces, weights and accessories, towels, locker rooms, mats, HVAC and more.

Cleaning Hospitals with CoviDefense

Hospitals & Care Homes

The need to protect in hospitals can almost go unsaid. A regular rhythm of applying protection to all surfaces in a hospital should always be in place. For instance, medical equipment, restrooms, beds, meal trays, etc.

Cleaning Restaurants with CoviDefense


Goldshield’s ability to provide residual protection is highly sought after in the restaurant industry. Restaurants require a high level of sanitation and you should consider adding protection to those processes as well.

Cleaning Offices with CoviDefense

Office Buildings

A great deal of opportunity for protection in these environments. Can be used on phones, desks, tablets, keyboards, cubical, elevators, restrooms, water coolers, coffee cafe’ flooring, HVAC filters, and more.

Cleaning Schools with CoviDefense

Schools & Public Facilities

Germs are everywhere and Goldshield kills bacteria and mold on contact and provides a residual protectant that lasts for months. Can be used on lunchroom tables, playground equipment, classroom desks, restrooms, etc.

Cleaning Laundry with CoviDefense


Laundry, simple as it may seem, is NOT a simple process when it comes to maintaining a sanitized end product that persists overtime. Goldshield provides an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which causes staining and discoloration as well as mold and mildew.

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